Top #20 Albums of 2013: #4 Mount Moriah & #3 Israel Nash

#4 Mount Moriah – Miracle Temple

Mount Moriah

Mount Moriah are a real anomaly in this Top#20. Not only are they one of the few bands on the list that we’ve not got to see live this year, but we also know very little about their history or back catalogue. As time has gone on and our love for this album has not diminished we’ve chosen to leave it this way. One track on a compilation and an impulse buy led us to owning this brilliant record and it has been played continuously throughout the year.

Is Miracle Temple, Rock, Alt.Country, Americana? Whatever you choose to call it, the songs on these record fit together perfectly to conjure a time, place and feeling that both satisfies and leaves you wanting more. The band sound great and Heather McEntire’s vocals, brilliant throughout, perfectly evoke the loss and longing in our favourite track, White Sands.


#3 Israel Nash – Israel Nash’s Rain Plans


We’d been really looking forward to the new offering from Israel Nash since falling for The Rolling Stones influenced Barn Doors and Concrete Floors and Rain Plans doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Maybe not as instantly catchy as its predecessors it is the album that keeps on giving! This time around it may seem that Nash is channeling the Neil Young of Laurel Canyon, but that would be a disservice to the Nash as a songwriter. There is certainly a strong nod to those records, but Rain Plans is first and foremost the sound of a unique artist expressing himself and stretching his songwriting skills – the fact that he has done it so successfully is a beautiful bonus.


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