Track of the Week #8: With My Mind by Lazy Day

lazy day

Track of the Week #8: With My Mind by Lazy Day

I’m going to start this Track of the Week with a little Rock Family Tree! There is a band that we love called Hella Better Dancer – yes they have an odd name and they bring out tracks about once a year, but those tracks are worth the wait. Now the ‘classic’ line-up of this band is Kari, Josh, Soph & Tilly (they do have a loose arrangement with drummers, but for the sake of simplicity let’s stick with this version of the band!) Not content with just being Hella Better, the sum of this bands parts is quite a list!

Kari – is Farao, who is making waves with her amazing solo material. She has also just recorded this amazing duet with Jófríður Ákadóttir (lead singer in two other someofitistrue favourites, Samaris & Pascal Pinon)

Josh – also plays bass for O. Chapman (who we hope to be introducing on the blog in a week or so)

Soph – as well as playing in BAYY has also just had a stint as bass player for Fear of Men

So, hopefully you get my point that this is a talented bunch and we’ve yet to get to the main point of this whole article - Tilly’s side project, Lazy Day.

Although we’ve yet to hear any official output from Tilly’s musical hook up with Eleanor (The Hundredth Anniversary & Tyrannosaurus Dead) Rudge, she has been busy on her own solo project.

This is the latest Lazy Day release, it is called ‘with my mind’ and we think it is excellent. It’s not a million miles from Hella Better Dancer, but where their three minute pop tunes tend to blaze, this is a slow burner that gets bigger and brighter with repeat listening. Tilly keeps everything bubbling along in a dreamy haze – with the effect being that once you reach the end you find yourself needing to play it again to find out what the hell happened! This is a good thing!

That’s the end of the history lesson – enjoy the tune!

In Bloom #22: Ian Roland

EP Artwork (2)

One of the things about writing a music blog is that you get sent a lot of email. This is great because we love discovering new music, but it can also be a little tricky as there is no way we can listen to everything we get sent (for most of us this is a hobby and we need to find a balance with our day jobs/lives). This is not a whinge though, what we’re getting to is that sometimes you randomly stumble on an artist who you’ve never heard of before. Ian Roland is one of those artists that we’re very they got in contact with us as the Helicopter EP has become a firm favourite. The gentle acoustic sounds, rich warm harmonies and folk storytelling have stood up to repeat listens and we look forward to hearing more in the future.

Good day Ian, congratulations on the release of the Helicopter EP, are you pleased with it?

I am very pleased with it. I recorded the EP at Cobbs Mill Studio, Sayer’s Common with engineer Jake Skinner co-producing with me. As well as the brilliant engineering skills of Jake, I had a fantastically talented rhythm section: Lee Bridges on drums and Scott Gentry on bass. Lee used his authentic 1960’s drum kit on the recording and Scott brought along his double bass to provide a super tight driving force for the songs.

Are these six relatively new songs or have you been living with them a while?

Yes, they are relatively new. I have written all the songs on the EP in the last 10 months or so.

What was the toughest to record? Why?

All the tracks went down very smoothly really. I had demoed the parts for the tracks at home in quite a bit of detail so I knew what I wanted to get recorded in the studio. The rhythm sections on each track were the unknown but Lee and Scott are such great players, it all came together quickly and easily.

Putting down backing vocals for ‘Shooting Star’ was done on the fly as well. We came away with something reminiscent of Burt Bacharach’s ‘South American Getaway’, used in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’, one of my favourite films, which was a fantastic surprise and bonus!

Annie makes a few appearances in the songs on this EP – who is this mystery lady?

Annie’s a high wire trapeze artist. I wrote a trilogy of songs centered around her on the EP: ‘Hate’, ‘Got You, Annie’, ‘Shooting Star’. She is someone exploited in her work environment but realizes there’s a way out when, after a near-death experience, she discovers a new way of seeing things…and love! She’s a survivor and an embodiment of hope.


Tell us a little of the musical background of Ian Roland. 

I started learning guitar in my early teens and I played in bands at College. After University I worked as a “go-for” at Parkgate Recording Studios in Catsfield, East Sussex and, as well as chauffeuring Ian McCulloch’s band around in my battered Ford Fiesta during their recording sessions there, I met producer and composer, Tim Cross. Tim had been musical director and keyboard player for Mike Oldfield,, on his Five Miles out tour and had co-written ‘Family Man’ with Oldfield. He was also keyboard player for TV Smith’s punk band The Adverts, and was a session player for Doll By Boll, Skids, Fleetwood Mac amongst others.

Tim was a fantastic producer and musician. I spent over 20 years learning from him and together we wrote a wide range of production music for JW Media Music,, and other publishing companies. During that time I also got to play guitars, mandolin and do backing vocal parts on some of TV Smith’s solo albums, namely ‘March of the Giants’, ‘In the Arms of My Enemy’, ‘Not a Bad Day’,  as well as for blues singer Dana Gillespie’s,, various Indian Bhajan albums, all of which Tim produced.

Having had a few years break, I am now back out again playing live the new material I have written over the last year or so.

We’ve seen you play live and the distinctive 12 string acoustic brings a great sound – how did you find your way to that particular instrument?

I play a Simon & Patrick 12 string guitar. It’s a Canadian make and I really love the instrument. I also play six string guitars and mandolin but I find the 12 string can combine the sounds of both these instruments in a unique way. About ten years ago, I was looking for a new guitar and I stumbled upon the 12 string I have now. It’s the main instrument I currently write and perform with.

The sound of a 12 string is so strongly attached to the west coast sound of bands such as the Byrds – is this something a musician is conscious of when using the instrument?

I wouldn’t say I consciously picked up the 12 string because it was a West Coast sounding instrument, although I am a fan of that sound. Bowie played a 12 string, as does Mike Scott of The Waterboys. My main draw to the 12 string I have now was that it seemed to capture together the sounds of my mandolin and six string guitars. When it’s picked, it can produce interesting and unpredictable results as well!

How would you describe your music?

I guess my music is rooted in folk-rock. I’m gigging solo at the moment so I am ‘singer-songwriter’ and ‘acoustic’ as well.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
Fleet Foxes, Midlake, The Decemberists, Iron & Wine, Passenger.

You can choose the 3 headliners for this year’s Glastonbury, who would they be & why?

The following acts have influenced and inspired me so much. They are fantasy choices of music and would be:

  • The Kinks – reformed, playing anything!
  • Neil Young – playing his ‘Harvest’ album.
  • The Waterboys – all the original band members playing tracks from their Big Music era circa their second album ‘A Pagan Place’.


Ian Roland – Links

EP stream
Gig listings
Facebook Band Page
Amazing Tunes:

Track of the Week #7: Girl You Look Amazing by Nicole Atkins

Track of the Week #7: Girl You Look Amazing by Nicole Atkins

Sometimes you just need a mighty fine tune, with a ridiculously catchy hook – Nicole Atkins has found a unearthed a good one with new single Girl You Look Amazing.

To me an ‘earworm’ will always be one of those things from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan – however I reckon this track will be stuck in your head after a few listens. Enjoy!


Track of the Week #6: Borderline by Black Rooster Black Shag

Track of the Week #6: Borderline by Black Rooster Black Shag

Borderline by Black Rooster Black Shag, is a big filthy slab of rock’n’roll. It’s got more than a few hooks to get under the skin, sassy in your face vocals and some fine guitar histrionics. Put simply this is a lot of fun.

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Brighton News #5: Becky Becky, Early Ghost, Hiawatha Telephone Company & Grasshopper

Whilst we’ve been off having a grand old time at SXSW, the local music scene has continued at a whirlwind pace – therefore to help both us (& hopefully you) catch up we’ve picked a few tunes that caught our attention.

Becky Becky – Fire & Wings

We’ve expressed our love for Becky Becky on this blog before, but if we’re honest we’d started to give up hope that the full album would ever see the light of day. Thankfully, ‘Good Morning, Midnight’ is coming on the 26th May and is preceded by single Fire & Wings, which combines always interesting and engaging, retro-cool electronica sounds with Gemma’s extraordinary voice. We are properly excited about this album and hope to have a feature with Peter & Gemma on the blog soon.


Early Ghost – To Be Heard

Probably not strictly a ‘Brighton band’, but favoritism on our part means they make it onto this list! Early Ghost are also back from hiatus – this time with a new video for To Be Heard (taken from the excellent debut LP ‘Cadaques’).

Travel back to 1970′s Eastbourne with Early Ghost for some spaghetti-western inspired folk. We are looking forward to hearing new material soon – in the meantime, for a free Early Ghost download pop HERE!

Hiawatha Telephone Company – Dave

Previewing the upcoming album, intriguingly titled ‘Passengers Greatest Hits’, the man who likes to be called Hiawatha Telephone Company, gives us the Dave EP consisting of 4 tracks of Nu, Alt and Anti-Folk. Our favourite track is ‘Plough Lane’, although the glaring omission of Wimbledon FC in the lyrical content is tough to ignore!


Grasshopper – Tiny Detonations

Finally for today – not a new tune but info on the upcoming ‘Spectrum’ show that features the excellent Fear of Men, Abi Wade, Grace Carter and these young dudes, Grasshopper.

Spectrum will be a regular showcase at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre (in conjunction with Resident) and this opening line-up looks great.

News #39: “This is not The Greatest Song in the World,……”

“….No, this is just a tribute”.

Firstly I should probably state that these are both fine songs from artists I really like…the tenuous link to Tenacious D’s ‘Tribute’ was funny in my head…..

Two great tunes, both tributes to artists that have influenced, inspired or impacted the songwriters.

M.Lockwood Porter – Chris Bell

We love Big Star and we love M. Lockwood Porter – you guessed it, we love this! Mr Lockwood Porter has one of those voices that is packed with emotion and this song is a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to an artist that has obviously made an impact. Backed by another fine tune, Secrets, we highly recommend checking out this single.


Roxanne de Bastion – Here’s Tom with the Weather

Another someofitistrue fave Roxanne de Bastion has teamed up with Folkstock Records to rework her tune Here’s Tom with the Weather, inspired by the late Bill Hicks. We love this new arrangement so go support Roxanne & Folkstock.


Track of the Week #4: Factory by Dog In The Snow

Track of the Week #4: Factory by Dog In The Snow

Regular readers will know that we’ve shared the work of Brighton based Dog In The Snow on the blog before – in fact last single, Fire In The Sky, was one of our favourites from last year.

New track, Factory, is a fine addition to the growing Dog In The Snow canon of oddly engaging, off-kilter electronica. The video mixes Eraserhead, 1984 and a host of 1970s sci-fi and does a great job supporting the tune.

Dog In The Snow feels like a project that is going places – we hope those places remain as weird and wonderful as the last few offerings.

The Music Doesn’t Stop #28: Lyla Foy

High Res Lyla


I think it is fair to say that we have been smitten with the music of Lyla Foy since we caught a show at last years Great Escape festival. It was a sunny afternoon (remember them), and we were hanging out in the pitch darkness of the Komedia when 3 musicians casually wandered onto stage. The next 30 minutes was a beguiling mix of spellbinding beats and hushed vocals, with Lyla very much the focal point of the live experience.

After leaving with a copy of the excellent ‘Shoestring EP’ we have kept a close eye on Lyla (so to speak) and watched with interest as she signed to Sub Pop, changed her recording moniker from Wall to Lyla Foy and then released the beautiful Feather Tongue as a taster for her upcoming debut album.

As the aforementioned debut, Mirrors the Sky comes out on 18th March we thought it was high time we asked Lyla to join us on someofitistrue: Read the full post »

Track of the Week #4: Chapters by Marshall Lewis

Marshall Lewis

Track of the Week #4: Chapters by Marshall Lewis


Our track of the week comes from Marshall Lewis. Chapters is a brooding Americana affair with some haunting slide guitar, military drum beats and a menacing rumble throughout. The unassuming vocal doesn’t dominate but adds a key extra musical layer, bringing everything back together when the tune decides to wander down unexpected (and enjoyable) paths. The addition of some brass late in the affair polishes things of nicely.

Give it a few listens and we think you’ll like it as much as we do!

News #38: New tunes from Shield Patterns, Mira Stolpe & DonCat

A simple post today – three tunes from the someofitistrue inbox that made a big impression. We hope you like!

Shield Patterns – Dust Hung Heavy


Heavy is a pretty sound description for the dark, brooding and utterly compelling piece of electronica. The film score atmospherics build in intensity as the bass becomes more and more central to the song. Claire Brentnall’s vocal weaves in and out throughout – a sirens call from within the darkness. Excellent!

Mira Stolpe – KB


Mira Stolpe is a singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden, currently based in San Francisco who claims to be “passionate about melodies and melancholy”.  On this evidence we totally get where Mira is coming from! K is haunting folk tune with a captivating central vocal performance.

If this was a movie I’m thinking a misty forest, the distant beating of drums signalling impending doom, and a montage of faces preparing for an uncertain destiny! Melancholy for sure, utterly beautiful as well! 

DonCat – Glass Window


You may well have turned your stereo up to truly enjoy the intracacies of the previous two tunes – if you did then this may provide a shock to the system.

DonCat’s Glass Window is healthy slab of rock’n’roll music – led by a rocking guitar and enhanced with a generous helping of piano. The icing on this cake is provided by a cool harmonica line and a nice raspy vocal. Fun times.


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